Relife RL-056D Intelligent Cutting And Degumming Machine/Glue Remover

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  • Brand: Relife
  • Model: RL-056D

RELIFE RL-056D Professional Electric Glue Remover Machine for Mobile Phone Touch Screen Repair Anti-Skid Handle Tool Smart Cutting and Degumming Machine with 6-Speed Adjustable

High Precision Cutting: Straight, thin, and neat, not easy to break the screen, suitable for cutting covers/brackets, removing screws, and other applications

Multifunctional Protective Cover: Effectively block dust/splash of cover plate fragments, and the cutting width can be adjusted at will to adapt to different models

Snap-on Design: No need for screws to fix, fast installation and replacement, convenient and fast

LED Green Dust Light: Press and hold the multi-function power button to start the green dust display light, and the front end is equipped with strong light LED light, which is convenient for night operation and maintenance

Smart Super Battery: Standby for 300 days, continuous use for 16 hours, using 18650 battery/2000mAh, large motor, stable and not shaking

Package included:

1 x Glue Remover Machine

1 x Glue Removal Hard Needle

1 x Glue Removal Fine Needle

2 x Wool Sanding Heads

1 x Fine Needle Holder

1 x Positioning Dust Cover

1 x Cutting Blade

1 x USB Cable

1 x Hex Screwdriver

1 x English and Chinese Manual

Other Items Not Included

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