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Relife M-28 0.5X CTV Lens Connector Adapter for Trinocular Stereo Microscope

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    Relife M-28 0.35X/0.5X CTV Lens Connector Adapter for Trinocular Stereo Microscope


    It is suitable for connecting the trinocular stereo microscope to the microscope camera, and it is a parfocal adjustable interface that is synchronized with the eyepiece

    Using high-quality colorless optical glass, with stable optical properties and high optical uniformity, no halo during use, clear imaging

    Adjustable focal length, and adjustable focus in connection with a microscope camera

    Observation specimens are clear and bright with high saturation

    The installation is simple, directly put the CTV adapter installation knob to the microscope trinocular interface, then align the microscope camera at the thread above the CTV adapter, and tighten it

    Made of aluminum alloy material, surface oxidation treatment, fine workmanship

    Each adapter is equipped with a dust cover as standard to prevent dust from falling

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