Sunshine SS-6604 Portable Mini Multiple Purification Desktop-Type Smoke Purifi

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  • Brand: Sunshine Product name: Smoke purifier Model: SS-6604 Net weight: 1.1kg Host size: 165*155*105mm Bamboo tube size: Telescopic tube 230mm, elongated 800mm Package Size: 275*260*143mm Voltage: 110V~220V Current: 1.5A Power: 10W

Sunshine SS-6604 Portable Mini Multiple Purification Desktop-Type Smoke Purifier


Sunshine SS-6604 desktop-type smoke purifier, great suction without losing smoke, efficient purification

It can be used in smoke and dust treatment in many fields. The three-layer filtration system effectively handles harmful substances such as lead smoke, rosin, smoke, and odors

Super strong suction power and high-frequency instant suction, suitable for manual soldering, laser marking smoke filtration, etc

Multi-layer filtration, super purification, 3 layers of filtration, effectively filtering smoke and protecting health

Aerodynamics long rhombus hood, easy to install, the hose can be adjusted 360 at will, and the silicone design of the air inlet is conducive to large-area smoking vertically or horizontally without smoke escaping

Mini, compact, and powerful suction, compact size, small footprint, large operating space, high work efficiency, low-noise brushless fan, high air volume, large suction power

Brushless motor, silent and noise reduction, fatigue-resistant brushless

motor, long life, low noise, and high speed, giving you a comfortable working environment

360 adjustable universal bamboo tube, good air tightness, adjust the appropriate position and curvature according to personal needs, strong fixation

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