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Sunshine S-978B 12.9-inch Powerful Oversized Defoaming Machine for Curved Scre

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  • Brand: Sunshine Product Name: Oversized Defoaming Machine Model: S-978b Power supply: AC 110V/220V Power: 300W Product size: 418*300*215mm Working size: 60*350*230mm Package size: 465*415*320mm Net weight: About 14.65kg Gross weight: About 16.5kg

Sunshine S-978B 12.9-inch Powerful Oversized Defoaming Machine for Curved Screen/Flat Screen


Oversized 12.9 inches oversized defoaming machine, suitable for curved screen/flat screen/flat screen under 12.9 inches, etc.

One-button defoaming / Automatic intelligent control / Small size and lighter weight

Efficient defoaming / Energy saving / Temperature adjustable / Low noise

Thickened electroplating oversized inner cylinder, electroplating does not rust, and the diameter can accommodate curved screens/flat screens/flat screens under 12.9 inches (including 12.9 inches)

Fully automatic intelligent control, simple operation, can set the time and temperature to remove bubbles more easily, convenient and fast

Efficient defoaming without foaming back, no need to preheat, rapid heating, even heating

Lock-type door opening and closing design, door closing safety limit, double embedded door buckle, uniform force

The latest defoaming machine, after research and development, is now lighter in weight, smaller in size, and space-saving

Real-time monitoring of pressure data, safe and efficient

Powerful and fast defoaming, no noise operation (Note: mute does not mean the whole process is silent)

Three-hole socket/manual power switch, safe and secure

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