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Sunshine SS-075HS Hydrogel Privacy Tpu Film

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  • Size 15 X 18CM Package Bag Model Number SS-075HS

Sunshine SS-075HS High-Quality HD Privacy Matte Anti-peeping Hydrogel Protection Film - 50Pcs


SS-075HS HD and high transparency on the front, anti-peeping on the sides hydrogel film, privacy protection, sensitive to the touch, leaves no fingerprints

90% of privacy secrets are hidden in mobile phones, a good anti-spy film can truly protect privacy and security

The side is really anti-peeping, and the screen is as black as ink, which can protect privacy

High visibility, new visual enjoyment, ultra-clear film experience, new high-transparency technology, strong light transmission, not dazzling

High-definition and high-transparency technology, the stray light blocking rate is further improved, and the transparency is as clear as without film

High-definition and high transparency restore bare screen color

High-definition and high-transparency picture, lossless picture quality resolution

Oleophobic and waterproof Strong anti-fingerprint, oleophobic, and waterproof coating on the surface, you can remove surface stains with a single wipe

As thin as 0.1mm, it feels like a bare phone, and it keeps a refreshing feel for a long time

Full glue nano adsorption technology, automatic fit, and exhaust, better fit, and almost no bubbles(If there is a small bubble, it can be automatically repaired after 24 hours)

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LKR 660.00LKR 660.00
Size15 X 18CM Package

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