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Apple Airpods 3rd Generation High Copy

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  • Dimensions and Weight
  • AirPods:30.79mm X 18.26mm X 19.21mm 4.28g
  • Case: 46.40mm X 54.40mm X 21.38mm 37.91g
  • Speaker & microphones Drivers: Custom High-Excursion Apple Driver
  • Custom High Dynamic Range Amplifier
  • Microphones:Dual Beamforming Microphone
  • Inward Facing Microphone

The design of the AirPods 3 should feel familiar to anyone that has heard of AirPods before and that should be a lot of people, considering the fact that sales of AirPods alone for apple eclipses entire revenue streams from many other large corporations.

SKU: 10014

LKR 2,520.00LKR 2,520.00
ConnectivityBluetooth 5.0

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