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Yaxun Y-3000 Adhesive Glue For Multipurpose 110ml

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  • Method of use
  • 1.before using to please read the product description is introduced in detail
  • front of the large area is used,please first do a small area of the experiment
  • 3.please make sure the pasted object surface clean and dry
  • 4.this product is the best temperature is between 18 to 32 degrees
  • 5.after each use of the product,please keep out of the gate of the clean
  • wait for 3 to 6 minutes after sizing will be pasted two objects for accurate fit a little pressure
  • 7. 3 hours straight,best paste strength after 48 hours
  • August ,please don't open the needle cap for a long time,to avoid the glue out of the gate

Y-3000 is a meet the Toys ,Point drill, all kinds of decoration, flowers, cloth, shell, jewelry, crafts and other industries special bonding adhesive, compared with other adhesives,irritant odor is small; is a single component of a new transparent solution of plastic, room temperature curing, easy to operate without re-packaging.Open the lid can be used with high flexibility, film soft, anti-vibration and waterproof.

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