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Relife RL-936WD Magnetic Spot Welding Fixture Locating Plate

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  • Product name: Magnetic spot welding fixture for battery
  • Model: RL-936WD
  • Product size: 150*100*14mm
  • Net weight: About 180g

RELIFE RL-936WD Magnetic spot welding fixture for battery

Suitable for spot welding of all kinds of batteries, spot welding fixture for mobile phone battery transplant battery core and protection plate.

.Fix the battery protection plate and the battery to avoid poor welding effect caused by the shaking of the flux. Do not connect the spot welding pen to the positive and negative electrodes of the battery at the same time.

Highly consistent, stable clamping, no scratches or deformation of battery parts

SKU: 10707

LKR 2,340.00LKR 2,340.00

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