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Sunshine S-978D 2-in-1 Air Compressor & Vacuum Pump Integrated Machine

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  • Brand: SUNSHINE Product name: Pneumatic Vacuum Integrated Pump Model: S-978D Net weight: About 15.5kg Gross weight: About 19kg Product size: 305*300*198mm Package size: 400*375*260mm Power: 600W Voltage: AC 110V/220V Motor: 4-stage 550, speed 1400 rpm, flow rate 90L/Min, power 550W, Parameters: Maximum positive pressure 0.7MPA, maximum negative pressure 99KPA

Sunshine S-978D 2-in-1 Air Compressor & Vacuum Pump Integrated Machine for LCD Screen Repair


2-in-1 air compressor & vacuum pump integrated machine, built-in air compressor, and vacuum pump, mainly suitable for LCD repair and fit in the mobile phone repair industry

One machine for two purposes, Low noise, Powerful, Thermal design, One-button start

One is equivalent to two machines, and it has the function of a 2L vacuum pump to vacuum/a 30L air compressor to compress the gas

It is small in size, easy to carry, and stable in performance

Built-in high-efficiency powerful vacuum pump, high vacuum degree, large suction, fast pumping, suitable for small lamination defoaming machines

The latest air & vacuum integrated pump, after research and development, is now lighter in weight, smaller in size, and saves space

The two sides are constructed with slits to ensure heat dissipation, while the slits are slender to effectively prevent dust from entering the host

One-button automatic intelligent control

Powerful and fast vacuuming compression, low noise operation (note: low noise does not mean the whole process is silent)

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