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YG-909 LED Headlamp

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  • Function : function LED reading lamp,install high steady figure CMOS chip and the battery has protected by discharge.
  • The plug perfectly when you charge it. Insert it directly in the socket with AC110-240V and the charging indicator light. Keep charging about 12 hours.
  • reading lamp can be adjusted according to angle required.

There is high capacity lead-acid battery(1000mAH) free maintain

Durable recharge period more than 300 times

(YG-909) ONE PIECE OF 1W LED, white light, economizing on energy, and super power.

(YG-909) Two block bright,light and strong brightness are adjustable, the first class is weak light,the second class is powerful light.

LED Lamp is low power and Lighting keep lighting about 12 hours, keep lighting about 8 hours.

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