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Sunshine SL-936D Intelligent Control Anti-Static Electric Soldering Iron

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  • Name: Electric Soldering Iron
  • Model number: SL-936D
  • Category: Repair tool
  • Working voltage: AC200-240V-60HZ
  • Rated power: Constant temperature 80W
  • Security: Anti-static, Anti-leakage
  • Breakdown voltage: Greater than 1200V
  • Machine weight: 200g (including tip, heater, power cord)
  • Temperature range: 180-480 C
  • Temperature calibration: error is less than
  • Soldering iron head specification: use 900 series electric iron head
  • Heating core: 936D heater
  • Tin melt time: 18-20 seconds

Sunshine SL-936D Intelligent Control Anti-Static Electric Soldering Iron

Intelligent Control and Anti-static Features for Safe and Easy Soldering

Get the job done right with the Sunshine SL-936D Electric Soldering Iron. This high-quality repair tool is designed with intelligent control and anti-static features, making it safe and easy to use. With a working voltage of AC200-240V-60HZ and a rated power of constant temperature 80W, this soldering iron provides consistent and reliable performance.

The breakdown voltage of more than 1200V ensures safety during use. The soldering iron head uses 900 series electric iron head, and the heating core is the 936D heater. With a temperature range of 180-480 C and an error of less than 4 C for temperature calibration, this soldering iron is perfect for a variety of soldering tasks. The tin melt time is also quick, at 18-20 seconds. At a machine weight of only 200g (including tip, heater, power cord), this soldering iron is lightweight and easy to handle.

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