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Relife RL-056C Multifunctional Glue Remover

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  • Brand: Relife
  • Model: RL-056C

1.Ergonomically designed for a comfortable grip

2.LED gear display,6-speed button to adjust the speed

3.Multifunction button, Gear speed regulation / long press dust lamp lighting

4.Type-C charging input

5.Built-in rechargeable lithium battery, longer battery life, USB charging plug, innovative design can be used wirelessly, can also be used while charging

6.Cold light screen/backlit screen/original hard glue, easy to remove glue

7.Press and hold the multi-function power button to start the green dust display light, and the front end is equipped with strong light LED light, which is convenient for night operation and maintenance

8.Standby for 300 days, continuous use for 16 hours, using 18650 battery/2000mah, large motor, stable and not shaking

SKU: 10582

LKR 4,980.00LKR 4,980.00

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