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Relife RL-601L Universal Double-slot Three-axis Motherboard Fixture

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    Relife RL-601L Universal Double-slot Three-axis Motherboard Fixture for Mobile Phone Repair


    Card slot mobile phone motherboard repair multi-purpose fixture, double-slot and three-axis motherboard fixture, suitable for multi-functional clamping such as motherboard welding/chip de glue/board removal maintenance

    High-temperature resistance/Dual card slot/Three-axis design/Precision card slot/Push rod structure

    Support different maintenance needs, support motherboard soldering/chip de glue/board repair/fingerprint/camera maintenance and clamping

    Double-slot bi-directional three-axis, equipped with a variety of card positions, suitable for precise clamping of motherboards of different shapes; supports multiple motherboard chips to be fixed at the same time, improving maintenance efficiency

    Precise card slots and precise step sliders make it easier to use

    Universal mobile phone repair fixture, adopts spiral shaft fixing design, no rebound, stable fixation, upgraded screw, easy to screw in place in seconds

    Simple and easy, fixing the motherboard is faster and more accurate, one step in place

    Precise two-way six-axis card slot, alloy steel, precise slot position

    The fixed card position is made of synthetic stone, with a hollow heat-dissipation design

    The bottom is made of an alloy steel base plate, which is strong, stable, high-temperature resistant, and corrosion resistant

    Silicone wear-resistant foot pads, stable operation, good anti-skid effect

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