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Yaxun Y-7000 Clear Glue (50ml)

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  • Waterproof
  • Flexible
  • Stimulate the Taste-Free
  • A hint of scent
  • Paintable
  • Anti-Vibration

original quality YAXUN 50ml Y-7000 Multipurpose adhesive DIY Tool cellphone LCD Touch Screen middle Frame housing rubber Glue

Name of commodity: jewelry accessories fill glue

Model: Y-7000 50ML

Y-7000 phone beauty drill glue stick is a accessories,craft gifts and other industries

Special environmental protection adhesive bonding and interconnection.Compared with other

adhesive for this product

Colloid is not easy to wire drawing,it is cell phone beauty,nail beauty the best products.

B7000 phone beauty posted to drill the pungent smell of glue tiny;Belong to the

One-component new transparent viscous solution of colloid,greenhouse,curing film completely

Soft after curing,and high elasticity,shockproof and waterproof function.

Y-7000 phone beauty is stuck drill glue,can paste more of the material,

It on metal,glass,ceramic,stone,bamboo wood,leather,PVC,PP,

ABS,thin film,fabric,electronic components,plastics,rubber,paper to class

And so on other material material has better performance of paste.

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