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Quick 885 Hot Air Gun 220V 1800W

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  • Brand: Quick
  • Model:885
  • Power 2300W/230VAC 2100W/220V 1300W/110V (OEM,when the voltage is 110V,power is 1300W)
  • Voltage 110V 220V 230V
  • Airflow type
  • digital thermostat heat gun lead-free rotation

Quick 885 portable plastic digital thermostat hot air welding gun for Components and parts


1. Our original Quick 885 hot air welding gun is with Closed loop of the sensor, the Temperature

can be controlled by zero voltage-triggering mode and will not be affected by air volume. Besides,

it is with large power, rapid heating.

2. With Several positions for air volume. Wide range of temperature can be adjusted with knob.

3. The filter cover in front of air outlet prevents objects from entering todamage the air gun.

4. The cold air position will increase the life of heating element and protect the unit.

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Model Number885

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