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Geemy GM-2825 Professional Curling Iron

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  • Model: GM-2825 Rated volts: AC110-240V 50-60Hz Power: 50W Plug: EU 220V

Hair curler afro curls Gemei GM-2825 9mm afro curling iron small cheat Hair curler Geemy GM 2825 styling as from salon in house conditions.

It has a tourmaline coating, providing fast heating in a few seconds.

A professional curling iron that creates gorgeous curls at home in seconds. With its help, you can make the most beautiful hairstyles at home, while saving time and money on trips to salons.

The Geemy GM 2825 curling iron is an electric device for curling hair, which easily forms curls of the desired size and shape.

Having a heating temperature of up to 190 degrees, it is considered the optimal mode for maintaining a healthy hair structure, beauty, and grooming.

This curling iron can work with any hair type and the result will be excellent!

Technical characteristics: Power 35 watts. Work indicator light. On / off button. Rotate the cord 360 degrees. Thermally insulated tip. Stable stand for horizontal surface.

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ModelGM-2825 Rated volts

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