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Mijing SW-03 Rosin Atomization Pen

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  • Circuit board short circuit detection assistance Upgraded large bulb atomizer No Electric soldering iron Short circuit detection assist The operation is simple Convenient and fast Compact and practical Mijing Rosin atomizing pen SW01 battery capacity 1100MA top screw-in charging head SW01 is currently in black and white colors

Features :

1. The battery capacity is different, this one is 1100MA

2. The charging head has a protection chip to prevent overcharging

3. Mijing Rosin atomizing pen SW02 battery capacity 680MA side plug-in charging cable SW02 is silver (stainless steel) and black

4. Battery capacity 680MA

5. The charging is a side plug-in micro interface

SKU: 14162

LKR 1,680.00LKR 1,680.00

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